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In my role as a Graphic Designer and Photoshop Artist for movie and series television projects, I create items for the Art Department, Set Decoration, Props, Costumes, and Video Playback. I design for any period — past, present or future.

I'm a member of IATSE Local 800, the Art Directors Guild for projects in Los Angeles and other U.S. locations, As well as United Scenic Artist Local 829 for the New York City region which includes northern New Jersey.

Design projects include signs, logos, billboards, posters, package design, book covers, paper ephemera, magazine design, flooring, wallpaper, stained glass, and textiles.

Photoshop projects include photo composites and retouching of actor's images for use in props and set decoration as well as visualization of sets and artwork. I also do digital fine art restoration and print pre-production.

Throughout any given year I work on multiple projects of varying lengths, from short term to eight months or more.

I'm currently an ADG Board member and member of the ADG Scenic, Title, and Graphic Artists Council.