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Each season featured the use of Marvel's Stan Lee in a prop or set decoration item. This NYPD recruitment poster was used in scenes in Fogwell's Gym in the early 1980's. The period correct NYPD policeman used in the composite was licensed from Getty Images

A hero prop photo was Dex's Brooklyn Suicide Prevention Hotline staff photo featuring it's director Julie is Dex's most precious possession. Through the machinations of Fiske, Dex Wilson Bethel) now thinks Julie (Holly Cinnamon) will no longer have anything to do with him. He flies into a rage and stabs it. Unfortunately the photo provided to me had sever lense distortion, and what should have been a quick format and lighting correction project turned into a day's work to fix the error.

Ray and Seema Nadim's Wedding Photo Composite and Sources

In the church rectory Production Designer Adam Scher wanted portraits of the nuns who had worked their over the decades. A vintage group photo of nuns was found that could be licensed. I then had to break out the individual nuns as individual portraits.

Sister Maggie (Joanne Whalley) in the church rectory office